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Photos Trail - by Daphney Dupré (4)-3

about TRail

Trail running was introduced in 2014 at Moka Rangers Sports Club with an elite team of four high-performance athletes training at national and international level. Competitive sport remains their goal under the leadership of Nicolas Queland, who chooses the athletes according to their performance.

They have been supported by the ENL Group from the outset. The financial support they receive is aimed at improving their training conditions and allowing them to compete against the world’s best trail runners when travelling abroad for competitions such as the 2019 Trail World Championships. They are all competing on two fronts: sport and studies or work.

Elite athletes


Since 2013, Moka Smart City has organised the Moka Trail, an annual event with more than 2,000 participants and 4 races to choose from. In addition, it will open in 2020, 6 permanent trail tracks on the mountain range of Moka.