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About us

Running is a new discipline offered by Moka Rangers Sports Club. This accessible sport is both challenging and exciting; it can be enjoyed on flat or sloping terrain with varying degrees of technical difficulty. Running has benefits in a number of areas, including health, morale and self-confidence. But it is above all a great pleasure!

Our coaches will help you:

  • prepare yourself/warm up to avoid injuries;
  • improve your running technique and performance; and
  • set and achieve your goals, including an upcoming competition.


Our aim is to expand the range of sports available in Moka and promote the city as a sports destination.


Grow interest for mountain trails and the Promenade

Become the largest running club in Mauritius by 2024, providing the best guidance to its members

Engage runners of all levels in the region to build team spirit and promote running

Membership Information

From 16 years old*

*Sessions will be scheduled at different times for under-18s according to demand.

Recreational runners
Racing enthusiasts
Elite athletes

Trail running
Road running

Experienced Coaches

Freddy Roux

Sabrina Rabot

Training & Supervised Outings

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm  – 6.30pm

Groups will be available for different levels

1 monthly themed outing
(preparing a trail running event, or a race on flat terrain or uphill)

Lycée des Mascareignes football ground
The Promenade
Sugarcane fields
Le Pouce