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Les photos du XC Marathon by Velogic sont enfin disponibles ! 📷
Merci encore à tous les participants, bénévoles, sponsors et organisateurs qui ont fait de cet évènement un succès !
N’hésitez pas à tag vos amis.
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Moka accueille la flamme des JIOI

18 Juillet 2019

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  • Football brings parents and children together to reach a single goal: the round ball!       

    One team, One dream.

    Christopher Honglin​

    Football​ Coach
  • Fencing is a breath-taking and spectacular sport, an art, a dialogue, a chess game.

    Caroline Mamet & Kevin Museliah

    Fencing Coaches
  • Karate teaches determination, courage, maximum effort, concentration, discipline, respect, sincerity and self-control – values that are essential in our daily lives.

    Didier Samfat

    Karate​ Coach
  • To be the best swimmer, you have to do things that other people are not willing to do.

    Axel Adam

    Swimming Coach