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About cycling

As the first discipline offered at the Moka Rangers Sports Club, MTB was composed of an elite team with an ambition to shine internationally – an initiative of Yannick Lincoln and Aurélie Halbwachs-Lincoln, along with a small group of young adults.


Sharing the moral virtues of top-level sport.
Yannick and Aurélie’s young apprentices now perform at an excellent level.


Focusing on the youth with its new “leisure” section, allowing members to enjoy all the advantages offered by the structure.

kids mtb lessons


From 8 to 12 years old

Days & times

Every Thursdays from 4 to 5 pm

Moka Rangers League 2020

An innovation this year will be the all-new Moka Rangers League 2020.

Amateur and seasoned mountain bikers alike will be able to compete in a series of three races throughout the year. Points will be awarded to the top 10 in each category and a leader’s jersey will be awarded after each race. The league is open to male and female riders from 15 years old with the aim to promote and encourage mountain biking in Mauritius while providing young riders with a wider variety of competitions.


The Moka Rangers School League is a major first in Mauritius by Moka Rangers!

Schools mountain biking leagues have become increasingly popular abroad. The youth should be given top priority in order to grow mountain biking in Mauritius and the introduction of the Moka Rangers MTB School League will add fresh impetus and ensure its future! The series kicked off on 28 February 2020 at Westcoast International Secondary School and Westcoast International Primary School. According to the concept, schools are expected to organise a competition among pupils aged 8 to 14 years old. Each school’s best in the different categories will subsequently meet for the grand final at the Moka Bike Park at the end of the year.

The next stage will take place at Ecole du Centre towards the end of March. Participants can register directly with their school teachers!



MTB national champions in different categories

3 - 4

races per year (MTB and road cycling) organised by the club


Bike Park


Optional licence.

Registration by the member.


  • Minime (girl & boy): 13 to 14 years old
  • Cadet (girl & boy): 15 to 16 years old
  • Junior (girl & boy): 17 to 18 years old
  • Senior (men & women): 19 to 39 years old
  • Master 2 (men): 40 to 49 years old
  • Master 3 (men): 50+ years old
  • Master 2 & 3 (women): 39+ years old

An annual licence is compulsory.

Registration via the club


  • Minime: 13 to 14 years old

  • Cadet: 15 to 16 years old
  • Feminine under 18 years old
  • Feminine + 18 years old
  • Junior: 17 to 18 years old
  • Elite 3: 19 to 39 years old
  • Elite 2: 19 to 39 years old
  •  Pass-cycliste: 19 to 39 years old (mixed)
  •  Master 2: 40 to 49 years old
  • Master 3: 50 years old and more